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What you see here is a long held, but rarely talked about dream of mine. For an ordinary gal, living in a pretty small town, with no formal training in fashion design, sewing, or pattern design to say "I want to open my own boutique" feels like a stretch far beyond the realm of possibility, but here we are. Granted the boutique in question is completely virtual and as of launch day it only has 3 products, but let me tell you, it feels pretty dang good to be here. 

I don't consider myself much of a writer, and not because I don't have anything to say (believe me I have aloooooot to say on most subjects!!), but more because I struggle to put all my thoughts down in a way that feels adequate most of the time. I think in superlatives, so a lot of what you'll see on this blog will be, *AMAZING*, *INCREDIBLE*, *DISASTEROUS*, *MONUMENTAL*, etc etc etc. I'm not a high school girl, I just get overly excited about stuff. 

Mostly expect to hear from me day-to-day on social media, but I'm excited to have this blog to write about what's going on with the Boutique in a longer format when I need to. 

On that note, let's talk about what's coming up soon in the world of The Attic Room (or TAR... wait, no, forget that, we're never calling it that). What you'll see available as of the time this blog post are 3 starter products that I absolutely love, but that look a little lonely there in the "Shop" tab all by themselves. Don't worry, they won't be lonely long!! I am the type of person who has notebooks full of ideas so I have to work hard not to over-plan, or try to do too much at once. My wonderful husband is a great tempering influence when it comes to this tendency. He helps me bounce the ideas around and come up with a plan that makes sense, so if you ever think I'm doing the wrong thing, just blame him.

All that said, I'm ready to commit to the next several products that will join the lineup in the coming weeks and months:

First up, CARSEAT PONCHOS (or some people call them carseat blankets). In the next few weeks these amazingly helpful little baby accessories will make their debut. The sherpa fleece is en route to my house as we speak (c'mon UPS). These will be a "one size" item that will fit approximately 3-12 months old babies. 3 colors will be coming your way, Blush, Polar Bear, and Cinnamon. I can't wait to show you guys the samples, be sure you are following on Instagram and Facebook to see them when they are ready!

Next, and something I'm super duper pumped to be able to use with my kiddos, BATH BLANKETS. Is it a bath towel? Is it a blanket? It's BOTH!!! I don't know about you guys, but I hate baby towels. Why are they so thin??? Why are they so small??? But I also have a hard time using regular bath towels for my babes because they don't have the handy little hood part for keeping their noggin warm. So I'm making a towel that's the best of both worlds. Thick, high quality terry, on the inside and an extra layer of knit cotton on the outside to keep that little nugget toasty warm while you look for a clean pair of pajamas. Extra large so you can use it on your toddlers too, and OF COURSE, the hood. I haven't picked colors for these yet, but expect some great neutrals that will be cute but also look nice hanging in your bathroom.

So that's that. My plans for the next few months are out in the open and I can't get distracted and change my mind now.

I don't have any clue how often I'll make blog posts, so for now I'll just say:

See Ya when I see Ya!


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